Use On:

Multi-unit structures-

       Pinpoint the originating source of moisture

Home Inspections-

       To detect faulty plumbing or leaks

       To identify slack areas of insulation in walls and ceiling cavities

Roof Inspections-

       Detect problems around flashing

       Find areas of moisture intrusion around seals

       Find areas where water pools under visible roofing materials

Building Diagnostics-

       Water intrusion in building materials can destroy structural integrity and encourage the growth of mold.

       Our thermal imaging camera is used to find where water may be entering the building so that the mold's water source can be stopped and mold will no longer grow.


Would you like to see inside your walls?

Paragon Industrial has added the technology of Thermal Imaging!!

Let our 2, Level 1 Certified Thermographers identify your moisture problems.

Thermography is the use of an infrared imaging and measurement camera to "see" and "measure" thermal energy emitted from an object. Thermal, or infrared energy, is light that is not visible because the wavelength is too long to be detected by the human eye. Thermal images show invisible infrared or "heat" radiation and provide precise non-contact temperature measurement capabilities.


 AL HVAC Cert.#2199

AL HVAC Cert.# 2206